"Super, excellent "

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Destination : Massif Central

Voyage : Chemin de Stevenson du Puy en Velay à Saint Jean du Gard

Date de départ : 10/05/2019
The Chemin GR70 was super. The track is very well maintained. But it is a good idea to get the GPS traces which can be downloaded from www.chemin-stevenson.org. Most of the accommodation was very good. The worst accommodation was at Le Monastier sur Gazeille, where the heating was not turned on until about 8pm at night. It was a cold day. Also, the room at Pont de Montvert was very basic. The food was not good there also. The best accommodation was at Le Bouchet Saint Nicolas. The food there was excellent. The at Le Bleymard was also excellent. We really enjoyed staying at the Chateau de Cambiaire. The meal at 'Un dimanche a la campagne' was very good.
Here is a link to our blog on the Chemin if you wish to use it:
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